Thermal Heat Store Specification

Hot water cylinder Details
Description Twin walled insulated hot water store
Type Non vented pressure vessel
Capacity 100-500 litres
No. of coils 2
Length of coil 12 metres
Coil area Top coil 0.4m², bottom coil 0.4m²
Inner tank material Ceramic coated steel
Insulation material High density polyurethane foam *
Insulation thickness 40 mm
Exterior material Plastic coated galvanised steel
Tested pressure (bar) 6 bar (0.6Mpa )
Immersion heater Yes
Power of immersion heater 2000 watts
CE mark Yes
Electrical protection Yes – RCD
Connections ¾”
Factory fitted relief valves Temperature and pressure
Sacrificial anode Magnesium bar
Inner tank diameter 542 mm
Overall dimensions 620 x 1280 mm