Regulation of Boilers

regulation of boilers

Electrical – mechanical – Power is controlled with a safety valve operated with the draught regulator, FR 124 type, which automatically opens or closes the safety valve according to a set output temperature of water (80 – 90°C), (except for DC50SE) instead of this, the boiler is equipped with a BELIMO servo flap with a spring. When setting the power regulator, much attention should be paid because the regulator has another important function other than power regulation – it also secures the boiler against overheating. A controlling thermostat located on the boiler panel regulates the fan according to a set temperature (75 – 85°C). A temperature lower by 5°C should be set on the controlling thermostat rather than on the FR 124 draught regulator.

The boiler runs at a reduced output even without a fan – heating is not lost when the electric power fails. At up to 70 percent of its rated output, the boiler can be operated without a ventilator.

Each boiler can be fitted with ATMOS ACD 01 equithermal controller. It takes a control of the heating system based on datas collected from external sensors and on time. It can control suction fan of the boiler as well.

Energy saved by our customers:

1,860,961.06 KWH .

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