Air To Air

air to air heat pumps

Barrier Energy are approved installers of Vaillant air to air heat pump systems. They can efficiently heat a room during the winter and as an added benefit also provide cooling during the summer. This means you can enjoy a climate controlled environment all year round. Advanced filter solutions also bring good news for allergy sufferers with the air to air heat pump system cleaning the air as it circulates in the room. And, due to it’s high efficiency in heating mode, it’s more environmentally friendly than many conventional heating systems.

All Vaillant climaVAIR air to air heat pumps are supplied in a predefined set, which includes the indoor and outdoor units, infra red remote control and pipe work and fittings to allow installation of the indoor unit up to 10m from the outdoor unit.

For over 10 years, Vaillant air to air heat pump systems have been the preferred choice for discerning domestic and commercial customers across mainland Europe. Now available in the UK, they have been tried, tested and proven in a huge variety of applications – and because all Vaillant systems incorporate high efficiency heat pump technology to heat as well as cool, their systems offer genuine year round climate control. Furthermore, each unit has plenty of built-in convenience features representing unbeatable value.

All climaVAIR air to air heat pumps have high efficiency ratings and utilize zero ozone depleting potential (ODP) refrigerants.

Energy saved by our customers:

1,860,961.06 KWH .

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